International Public Customers 

As of January 1, 2023, Solitee has a commercial department that is fully specialized in supplying products to international customers. Many of these clients are governments, including European Commission, NATO and United Nations.
This department is formed by the entire team that used to work under the name UNI Business Centre bv. UNI was taken over by Solitee in 2021 and will therefore continue under the name Solitee Public from January 1st.
Existing customers know our way of doing business, which is mainly aimed at completely unburdening the customer. "We never say no" is one of our mottos.
We act as your advocate and mediate between vendors, suppliers and sub-contractors. This unique approach is required to achieve and secure your goals and mission statements and to deliver the best solutions.
We support organizations of varying size and technical complexity across multiple sectors. Some IT organizations have engaged Solitee as their resource delivery partner specifically for the provision of security cleared, including NATO Secret resources into highly sensitive areas of Government & Defense.
IT Solutions
Whether your request is about a simple client computer or a complex ICT infrastructure; we can provide you with all kinds of ICT hardware and software solutions. After installing we take responsibility for its ongoing functioning, by offering maintenance contracts with certified mechanics that can be reached by day and night. All without disturbing your business operations.
We are specialized in the supply of ICT, business, project/program and engineering personnel at all levels. Whether providing individual ICT Consultants or entire Project Teams, our strategic approach to recruitment has added value and reduced cost for some of the largest and most technically advanced organizations in Europe.
With more than 20 years’ experience, Solitee is partnering with leading IT manufacturers, software developers and selected certified partner organizations within today’s ICT industry. These high selection criteria of partner companies are required to deliver the highest level of service and products.
IT is becoming more and more important and business critical to support primary and secondary processes within today’s organizations. The selection of durable long life cycle products and services are essential to guarantee the continuity of today’s organization IT infrastructures. Without certified and specialized IT engineers and unique services, the installed base of the hardware and software is useless. We therefore offer specialized tailor made IT services, Service Level Agreements, management services, worldwide coverage services and many more in order to develop the best IT service offering per unique customer.
Our most important partners (but not limited to) are: Dell, HP Inc, Cisco, Apple, HP Enterprise, NetApp, Veeam, VMware, Oracle, Palo Alto and Microsoft.



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